Climate Teach-In

This fall’s Climate Teach-In was held on October 20th from 12:00pm to 1:00pm. A number of topics were covered relating to what is happening in our environment, how our climate is changing, and what can be done to counteract it.  Therefore, the hour long seminar was broken into three parts: Climate Science, Climate Impacts/Adaptations, and Climate Solutions.  It was hosted by Dr. Alison Ormsby.  Speakers for the Climate Teach-In included UNC Asheville students, faculty, and staff, as well as local climate experts.

UNC Asheville takes the health and safety of our campus community very seriously.  Due to COVID-19 protocol, rules, and regulations, this semester’s Climate Teach-In was held virtually.

Click on the links below to listen to the presentation recordings.

Speakers and Discussions on these Topics:

Climate Science: 12 – 12:20

Climate Change 101: Chris Hennon

Phenology/Seasonal Changes: Jennifer Rhode Ward

Carbon Accumulation – On the Importance of Bathtubs: Evan Couzo 

Climate Impacts/Adaptations: 12:20 – 12:40

Photographing Community-Based Adaptations to Climate Change: Carrie and Eric Tomberlin

Climate Justice – Prioritizing Vulnerable Communities: Mickey Snowdon (The Collider)

Food Waste Facts: Christina Newsome and Meghan Ibach 

Climate Solutions: 12:40 – 1

Pricing Carbon: Kathleen Lawlor

UNC Asheville Utilities and Initiatives: Dan Croisant

Climate Resilience Planning: Kelsey Hall and Lindsey Nystrom (UNCA and NEMAC)

View the full Climate Teach-In Flyer here