Student Environmental Center

A student-led initiative, the Student Environmental Center (SEC) at UNC Asheville engages students, faculty, staff and the Asheville community in conversation, advocacy, and action around environmental issues, broadly defined. The SEC is a campus resources for information related to environmental stewardship, university sustainability processes and community outreach.

UNC Asheville students took a leadership role in demonstrating our campus’ commitment to sustainability in 2006 when they initiated a Green Campus Initiative Fee to fund sustainability projects and establish the SEC. Since then, the department and its advisory board have used funds from the Green Campus Initiative Fee to purchase an electric GEM car for University Police, to install dual flush toilet valves in a number of campus buildings and occupancy sensors for light fixtures in Highsmith Student Union. The SEC also worked closely with Dining Services to initiate a post-consumer composting program and established a vegetable garden to augment the supply of local produce.


EcoReps is a program that aims to conserve resources, promote sustainable living, and create community around environmental issues in our residence halls. It is jointly managed by the Student Environmental Center and Residential Education.

A variety of events and activities are led and implemented by the Eco-Reps every year, including Green Olympics, an energy competition that pits residence hall against residence hall, and college against college. If you are interested in being involved in Eco-Reps programs or you have a question about life in the residence halls, email the Student Environmental Center for more information.

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