AsheFILL it UP

UNC Asheville is reducing waste and helping local non-profits in our area and you can help too!

Each time you fill your reusable cup and your bar code is scanned you will receive 15¢ off any beverage purchase & UNC Asheville donates 15¢ of that purchase to Food Connection, a local charity that partners with local restaurants in our area to distribute surplus food to people in need.

But wait! There's more! Each time you scan your cup on campus you collect 20 points! When you reach 1000 points you receive a free beverage!  

It's a win-win deal! Stop by any retail location on campus and get a sticker for your cup, mug or glass and start making a difference right away! You can even scan your barcode when you refill it with water at any water station right here on campus!

If you don't have a smart phone or if any issues arise please contact Laura Sexton via email and she will help you track your progress!

Who it Helps

Food Connection is a local non-profit working in conjunction with Grace Coveneant Presbyterian Church. Their work aims to help areas of our communities in need by procuring meals from local restaurants that have surplus food at the end of business day that would have otherwise been discarded. Our own Brown Hall donates unused portions to Food Connection. Numerous businesses in Asheville have joined the cause to help lessen the impact severe hunger has on people in need in our area. If you are interested in the good work the Food Connection is doing or know a restaurant, cafe or other dining establishment that would like to donate to this phenomenal cause please visit their web site for further information.

How it Works

Anyone with a reusable cup gets a .15¢ discount on any beverage purchased at any retail location on campus.

If the cup in question has one of our AsheFILL it up stickers on it, the customer will be able to scan the code using the Cupanion Rewards app. The app is available for both Android and iPhone devices. Just search for "Cupanion Rewards". Cupanion Rewards tracks your personal reusable cup usage. None of your personal information will be shared any any point through the app. As a result of the scan, an additional .15¢ per purchase will be donated by Chartwells to Food Connection, a local organization that is redistributing uneaten meals from our Cafeteria to people in need in the community.

UNC Asheville is the very first college or university in the nation to implement this program! Last year, over the course of 8 months, UNC Asheville trashed about 100,000 disposable cups. Let's all be a part of making UNC Asheville a zero waste campus by using reusable service ware whenever possible.

AsheFILL It Up at UNC Asheville