5th Annual Farm-to-Table Dinner on the Quad

Photo of Dr. Andrew Judge and farm to table dinner logo


Farm to Table Dinner: An Annual Event at UNC Asheville

Gathered around the table in the heart of our beautiful campus, we honor and celebrate the land that sustains us, the gardens and businesses that feed us, and our collective efforts to insure that our wider community is engaged and nourished. 

The intention behind this annual event is three-fold: To create a fall harvest ritual around food and farming on campus; To recognize and celebrate the efforts of our student gardeners, faculty and staff partners, and community collaborators, all of whom are working to manifest UNC Asheville’s sustainability values through our landscapes, our co-curricular programs, and our academic initiatives; and, To advance and accelerate our work together in the years ahead.

The 2019 Dinner, taking place September 23, 2019 from 5:30-8:30pm, will be guest hosted by Mko'Mosé (Dr. Andrew Judge), with support from the American Indian and Indigenous Studies program at UNC Asheville. Moko'Mosé is a professor and coordinator of Indigenous Studies at Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning in Ontario, Canada. He specializes in traditional Indigenous knowledge and works with Elders across North America to support "the conscious awakening of his students and himself."

Dr. Judge is an initiated Mayan day count keeper and regularly participates in the ancient ceremonial practices of his Anishinaabe ancestors. He is currently developing programming in Indigenous land-based practices and invites his students to work with traditional medicines and foods to learn the ways of the Ancestors. In the summer of 2018 Andrew founded Minjimendan ("In a state of remembering") an Indigenous foods garden dedicated to helping the community remember their role in restoring the vitality of the Earth. The spiralling terraced garden aims to inspire a revitalization of Indigenous foods systems and land based sustainability practices.

In Mko'Mosé words, "The spiral is the basis for all life on Earth, and it’s found in almost every natural growing thing on the planet. What it comes down to is the spinning of the Earth around the sun, and the sun going around the galaxy.”

"Home Sweet Home" is the theme of our 2019 Dinner.


Public sale tickets will be available starting Tuesday September 3rd at 9:00am!


Be a sponsor for UNC Asheville's annual fall celebration! We welcome both cash and in-kind donations, at three different sponsorship levels. 


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